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Mini Golf Classic Rules

Here are the rules for the FFRCSI Putt-Putt Mini Golf Classic. Course marshals will be stationed throughout the course to answer questions regarding rules and procedures as well as to sell mulligans.

Each team will begin at hole 1 and play all 18 holes in consecutive order.

The object of the game is to get the ball in the hole in the fewest number of strokes. Every time the putter touches the ball, that counts as ONE STROKE.  Regardless of whether it barely rolled at all, regardless of whether you meant to do it or not … it still counts as a stroke.

WHO HITS FIRST?   Decide among your group the order on the first hole. After that, typically, the person who scored lowest on the previous hole has “Honors” (hits first).  If no one scored lower on the previous hole, use the same order you used on the last hole.

OUT OF BOUNDS: In the event of the ball going out-of-bounds, a one stroke penalty will be assessed and the ball will be played from the point at which it went out-of-bounds.   

PLAY: Balls along the rail or any obstacle may be moved out by the length of one putter head from the rail or obstacle.

If your ball is hit by another player’s ball, you may put your ball back in its original place.

There is a five stroke maximum on all holes.

Don’t like your first shot on a particular hole? You may purchase a mulligan (second try and the first one doesn’t count) for just $1.

Players may use their own putter if desired.

WINNERS: The team who plays the 18 holes in the fewest strokes is the winner (all four team members scores will be added together for each hole). For teams with three players, the average score of players will be considered the scores for the “fourth” player. Teams of two and individual players will not be eligible for team awards. Ties will be broken in this way:

Lowest team score on hole 18. If still tied, lowest team score on hole 17 will be used. This process will continue counting down (hole 16, then hole 15, etc.) until a winner is determined. If teams are still tied, the winner will be determined by a random drawing.

The individual who plays the 18 holes in the fewest strokes is the winner. In case of a tie, the lowest individual score on hole 18 will be named the winner. If still tied, the scores of hole 17 will be compared to determine the winner. If necessary the process will continue (16, 15, etc.) until a winner is identified. If scores on all 18 holes match, a winner will be determined by random drawing.